Kyratec is proud to announce our new range of PCR Reagents
We have worked hard along with a premier research & production facility to generate the highest quality PCR Reagents at an extremely competitive price.
You can rest assured that these have undergone the strictist Quality Controll procedures through both the manufacturing and development process.
Our goal has to be able to generate  exceptional value reagents with high efficiency, accuracy & reliability.
These are presently undergoing stringent and comprehensive testing throughout extensive laboratories to ensure their highest quality.

Product catalog
Cat. No. Product Name. Size
XA-500G Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade 500g
XPPD-50 Xprep Plasmid DNA Mini Kit (RNase A included) 50preps
XPPD-200 Xprep Plasmid DNA Mini Kit (RNase A included) 200preps
XPPP-50 Xprep PCR Purification Mini Kit 50preps
XPPP-200 Xprep PCR Purification Mini Kit 200preps
XPGP-50 Xprep Gel Purification Mini Kit 50preps
XPGP-200 Xprep Gel Purification Mini Kit 200preps
XPGPP-50 Xprep Gel & PCR Purification Kit 50preps
XPGPP-200 Xprep Gel & PCR Purification Kit 200preps
XPBD-50 Xprep Bacterial DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPBD-200 Xprep Bacterial DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 200preps
XPBL-50 Xprep Blood DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPBL-200 Xprep Blood DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 200preps
XPPM-50 Xprep Plant DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPPM-200 Xprep Plant DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 200preps
XPTD-50 Xprep Tissue DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPTD-200 Xprep Tissue DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 200preps
XPFD-50 Xprep Food DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPFD-100 Xprep Food DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 100preps
XPST-50 Xprep Stool DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50prep
XPST-100 Xprep Stool DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 100prep
XPSO-50 Xprep Soil DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50prep
XPSO-100 Xprep Soil DNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 100prep
XPTR-50 Xprep Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase I included) 50preps
XPTR-200 Xprep Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase I included) 200preps
XPBCR-50 Xprep Blood & Cultured Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 50preps
XPBCR-200 Xprep Blood & Cultured Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 200preps
XPTIR-50 Xprep Tissue Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 50preps
XPTIR-200 Xprep Tissue Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 200preps
XPPLR-50 Xprep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 50preps
XPPLR-200 Xprep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit (Proteinase K & DNase included) 200preps
XPPWR-50 Xprep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit for Woody Plant 50preps
XPPWR-200 Xprep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit for Woody Plant 200preps
XPMR-100 Xprep miRNA Isolation Kit 100preps
XPVNA-50 Xprep Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 50preps
XPVNA-200 Xprep Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit (Proteinase K included) 200preps
XTR-50 X-Tri RNA Purification Kit 50preps
XTR-200 X-Tri RNA Purification Kit 200preps
XTRR-50 Xzol RNA Reagent Voulme: 50mL
XTRR-100 Xzol RNA Reagent Voulme: 100mL
XRSS-100 X-RNA Stabilization Solution Volume: 100mL
XP96PD-4 Xprep 96-well Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96PD-10 Xprep 96-well Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 96 x 10plate
XP96GD-4 Xprep 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96GD-10 Xprep 96-well Genomic DNA Extraction Kit 96 x 10plate
XP96PE-4 Xprep 96-well Plant Extraction Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96PE-10 Xprep 96-well Plant Extraction Kit 96 x 10plate
XP96GP-4 Xprep 96-well Gel & PCR Purification Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96GP-10 Xprep 96-well Gel & PCR Purification Kit 96 x 10plate
XP96TR-4 Xprep 96-well Total RNA Extraction Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96TR-10 Xprep 96-well Total RNA Extraction Kit 96 x 10plate
XP96VN-4 Xprep 96-well Viral Nucleci Acid Extraction Kit 96 x 4plate
XP96VN-10 Xprep 96-well Viral Nucleci Acid Extraction Kit 96 x 10plate
K3210-00 0.2mL Dome, Natural 1000 tubes
K3220-00 0.2mL Flat, Natural 1000 tubes
K3235-00 0.2mL 8-Strip tube & cap, Natural 125 strips
K3135-40 0.5mL 8-strip tube & cap, White 125 strips
K3240-00 0.2mL SnapStrip, Natural 120 strips
K3245-00 0.2 SnapStrip Ⅱ, Flat cap. Natural 120 strips
K3230-00 0.2mL Attached cap strip, Natural 125 Strips
K3401-00 Unskirted, Low profile, Natural 20ea
K3425-00 Semi skirt raised rim, Standard, Natural 10ea
K3441-00 Full skirt, Low profile, Natural 10ea
K3441-40 Full skirt, Low profile, white 10ea
K3450-00 Semi skirt, Standard, Natural 10ea
K3455-40 Semi skirt, Low profile, white 10ea
XT105-250 X-Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP (5u/uL) 250U
XT105-500 X-Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP (5u/uL) 500U
XT106-250 X-ChromoTaq DNA Polymerase with dNTP (Colour Taq - 1u/uL) 250U
XT106-500 X-ChromoTaq DNA Polymerase with dNTP(Colour Taq - 1u/uL) 500U
XT107-250 X-Hot Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP (Hot Start DNA Polymerase - 5u/uL) 250U
XT107-500 X-Hot Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP (Hot Start DNA Polymerase - 5u/uL) 500U
XT108-250 X-Pfu DNA Polymerase with dNTP (5u/uL) 250U
XT108-500 X-Pfu DNA Polymerase with dNTP (5u/uL) 500U
XT205-100 2x Taq Master Mix (100rxns) 2 x 1.25mL
XT205-250 2x Taq Master Mix (250rxns) 5 x 1.25mL
XT206-150 2x Ampli-Optimization Kit 150app
XT207-100 2x Hot Taq Master Mix (100rxns) 2 x 1.25mL
XT207-250 2x Hot Taq Master Mix (250rxns) 5 x 1.25mL
XT208-01 2x Multiplex Taq Master Mix (Red Mix) 1mL
XT208-02 2x Multiplex Taq Master Mix (Red Mix) 2.5mL
XT209-01 2x Pfu Taq Master Mix 1mL
XT209-02 2x Pfu Taq Master Mix 2.5mL
XR305-30 cDNA Synthesis Kit 30rxn
XR305-100 cDNA Synthesis Kit 100rxn
XR306-50 MMLV cDNA Synthesis Kit 50rxn
XR307-100 One-step RT-PCR Kit (100rxns) 2 x 1.25mL
XA601-01 6x Loading Dye 1ml
XA601-02 6x Loading Dye with SDS 1ml
XA602-01 10x Loading Dye 1mL
XA603-01 100bp DNA Ladder 100Lane (50ug)
XA603-02 100bp Plus DNA Ladder 100Lane (50ug)
XA603-03 1kb DNA Ladder 100Lane (50ug)
XA605-01 lambda / EcoR I Marker 50ug
XA605-02 lambda /Hind III Marker 50ug
XA605-03 lambda / EcoR I + Hind III Marker 50ug
XA605-04 pUC19 DNA/MspI 50ug
XA605-05 Lambda /Pst I Marker 50ug
XA605-06 pBR 322/ Hae III 50ug
XA607-01 dATP, 100mM Solution 1mL
XA607-02 dCTP, 100mM Solution 1mL
XA607-03 dGTP, 100mM Solution 1mL
XA607-04 dTTP, 100mM Solution 1mL
XA607-05 dNTP Master Mix, 100mM 1mL
XA607-06 dNTP Set, 100mM each 1mL x 4
XA607-07 dNTP Master Mix, 10mM 1mL
XA607-08 dNTP Set, 10mM each 1mL x 4
XA607-09 dUTP, 100mM 500uL
XA608-01 RNase A 50uL (50mg/mL)
XA608-02 RNase A 200uL (50mg/mL)
XA608-03 RNase A 1.5mL
XA608-04 Proteinase K 11mg
XA609-01 RNase Inhibitor 1000 Unit
XA609-05 Lysozyme 20mg

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